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What really goes into building an impactful brand? We often consider how our brand looks—the logo, colors, and images we use—and stop there. But if the only thing you're thinking about is curb appeal, how are you going to sell the rest of the house? I'm so excited to officially launch the Coffeehouse Communications YouTube channel today with the answer to that question.

The visual assets that make up your business are just one small part of your overall brand. Think about it as the paint on the outside of that hypothetical house I just mentioned. Your message, core values, and brand story are the foundation, framework, and core systems. These are things that truly build a brand around your business.

And the storytelling aspect of your brand is what we're getting into today. Hit play on the video above as we dive into the three big reasons your brand story is essential to the business you're working so hard to build.

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Callie Gisler is a communications and public relationists strategist with almost a decade of experience working with brands and nonprofits. At Coffeehouse Communications, she helps purpose-driven brands discover, craft, and share their message through impactful storytelling.